Believe in 

Biblical Beauty

On our hearts and in our prayers is to have a beauty leader in every major city around the world. We believe that God can ignite our industry to give back for His glory and together with the Holy Spirit restore Biblical Beauty to our world. 

Our "Biblical Beauty Believer" program is specially designed  for businesses and individuals that believe in His truth and our mission. Your tax deductible pledge and automated monthly gift towards our ministry will enable the stewardship of His work while we bless communities and spread the gospel. 

Our Individual Beauty Believer's will receive a blessing kit as our "Thank You" with ministry goodies that will enable you to share God's love and be an official Beauty Blesser. You will also get updates of our current service projects and ministry news.



Our Business Beauty Believer's will receive a blessing kit as our "Thank You" with ministry goodies that will enable you to share God's love as well as display to your patrons your support of our nonprofit. You will get updates of our current service projects and ministry news and your business will be featured on our social stories. 

Thank you for your passion, commitment, and faith! 


To join the "Biblical Beauty Believer" program please make your pledge below. Upon completion you will be sent back to complete our donation receipt form. Follow the instructions on the form to our PayPal processing for your first pledged donation! 

*Please note you will need to check the recurring monthly payment box on PayPal for your donation. 



Biblical Beauty Believer Program & Pledge

Thank you for helping us make a difference!